Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

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Digital Me

A ground breaking project enabling young people in the looked after system to express themselves creatively while remaining anonymous. There is a short montage video at the bottom of this page.

Who is Taking Part

We are really proud to have been working in partnership with Gateshead Council’s Children’s Rights Worker and Creative Development Manager to pilot forward-thinking techniques which have the potential to empower people to communicate their stories and views.


This exciting project has been lead by Looked After Children who are using the latest technology to tell others how their lives could be improved.

What Happened

Using tablets and a wide variety of apps, the children have examined their lives and drawn up the messages that they wished to communicate to their peers, social workers and teachers. They have written and recorded scripts which are then “spoken” by avatars that they have developed to represent themselves. This was important to retain their anonymity. They have then assembled all of their work together into powerful and moving digital ‘LifeBooks’.


  • Participants in the group produced their own LifeBook with a focus on their experiences in care.
  • The Digital Me project report has been shared and seen by a range of professionals and agencies including the senior management team at Gateshead Civic Centre. The report will continue to be disseminated. Changes in practice have already been made by professionals who have listened to the children’s views.
  • An exhibition of their messages in the form of self portraits and a montage film of some of their avatars speaking their messages and songs they wrote with Sage Gateshead was held in Gateshead and further exhibitions and screenings are being organised.

Benefits for Participants

All the young people involved enjoyed the course and thought it was fun. They also valued being able to get together with other Looked After Children and share their experiences. The chance to influence practice, policy and attitudes was recognised by the group and seen as a great opportunity.


This project has been supported by The Ragdoll Foundation.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

This project can be rolled out to any group to give them a voice and to tell their stories anonymously.

DigitalMe Messages Montage from Digital Voice on Vimeo.