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Dryden Fashion Week

Dryden School invited Digital Voice to develop media work to complement their ambitious Enterprise Week Fashion Show.

The students were a breath of sunshine and it was a great event

Who Took Part

Students from Dryden School - special school in Gateshead for young people aged 11-19 with a range of disabilities.


Dryden School invited Digital Voice to develop media work to complement their ambitious Enterprise Week Fashion Show. It aimed to:

  • Raise expectations – of parents as well as young people
  • Create awareness of entitlement to supported employment
  • Increase motivation to sample the world of work
  • Capture and celebrate successes

The role of Digital Voice was to involve the young people in capturing the events of the week using:

  • digital stills
  • incorporating the stills into a video shot during the week

Project Outline

We proposed that we train some of the young people to be “paparazzi”, taking photos during the week and producing stills displays and a slide show at the final event.

Media work experience would be provided with students working as photographers and reporters in the lead up to and during the school’s Enterprise Week Fashion Show. This was to include:

  • A visit to a local newspaper (Evening Chronicle)
  • the setting up of an area in the school to be used as a “magazine newsroom”
  • training in digital photography, including downloading, filing and editing images.

The project was also to be filmed, so that the students had experience of being filmed and their stills could be edited into a short video.

What Happened

A Job Centre was created in a classroom and students applied for the jobs involved in putting on a fashion show at the end of the week. The jobs were in six areas of work, including media.The media students were supported to use digital photography to capture the events of Enterprise Fashion Week.

Some of the week’s events were filmed and a 10 minute video was created to be screened on the new Engage TV service for people with disabilities. Copies were also provided for students and their families.Over 50 students worked together to make the fashion show a great success; taking photos, making bags, doing the catering, music, hair and makeup.


Digital stills displays and a slide show at the fashion show.10 minute video.

Sharing The Results With Others

Copies of video to all students and families, plus to be screened on Engage TV.

Benefits for Participants

  • the use of digital stills meant that the young people were totally hands-on and responsible for their photos
  • they experienced structured days, teamwork, deadlines and audience feedback
  • they enhanced their IT skills through downloading pictures and filing
  • they had a tremendous sense of satisfaction from the public screening of their work

Clients and/or Funding

Dryden School.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

An enterprise activity like this can really enthuse young people about enterprise and raise confidence and aspirations.

How To Find Out More

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