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Images for Change

Five Gateshead schools capture the process and results in creative learning schemes.

I enjoyed going out taking photos and having fun

Who Took Part

Teams Community Centre’s young women’s group, in Gateshead


Its aim is to give a voice to young people about the areas where they live, using photography to provide a creative way to express their thoughts to local decision makers. It is part of a wider Church Action on Poverty project with communities around the Tyne riverside.

Church Action on Poverty intend to coordinate an event where all the youth groups can come together to discuss next steps.

This project is a partnership between the Teams Community Centre’s young women’s group, Church Action on Poverty, Digital Voice for Communities and Gateshead Council.

Project Outline

The Teams group focussed on two aspects of life they would like to change. They felt their local park needs renovation as it is so run down, and they would like the routes that they walk and cycle along to feel safer – they are too dark and neglected, and don’t feel designed with young people in mind.

What Happened

8 young women worked over three days in summer 2008.

  • They had half-day workshops in August and a follow up in September to make comic strips using digital photography .
  • They storyboarded, documented the problems they want to see changed and used software to create their comic.
  • They drew their imagined solutions to the problems and took photos which were added to the comic strips


200 copies of the comic were printed and a giant version presented to the community centre.

Sharing The Results With Others

Screening, blogs etc

Benefits for Participants

The group learned a new way to communicate their messages and really enjoyed taking pictures and examining the issues in this creative way.

Clients and/or Funding

Church Action on Poverty and Gateshead Council funded Digital Voice to do the work.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

Comic strips are a very versatile approach to storytelling – they develop storytelling skills and help with literacy and achieve fast results. They are enjoyable for all age groups and abilities – we strongly recommend this approach.

How To Find Out More

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