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LifeBooks in the Derwent Valley

Digital Voice worked with Derwent Care Home to create LifeBooks for residents. Carers, friends and family helped to create digital and printed copies of their life's stories.

Who is Taking Part

Digital Voice worked with Mariposa care home, Derwent Care Home, to deliver innovative LifeBooks project.


LifeBooks provides learners with dementia a chance to share their memories and stories alongside their families, friends, volunteers and carers. Participants explore, record and celebrate their life journeys to create a digital LifeBook and receive a printed copy at the end of the project.

What Happened

We worked over ten weeks with a group at Derwent Care Home to complete the LifeBooks project.

Participants used photographs, music, archive websites and group discussions to stimulate their own recollections, anecdotes and memories.

Everyone was supported to use text, audio, video and digital scrapbooking to create their own digital LifeBook.


After ten weeks the LifeBooks created were a reflection of the varied and abundant life experiences of the participants.

The LifeBooks were presented at a celebration event where families and those involved were able to see the final copies on a big screen and listen to the recordings of stories told during the course.

Mary Blake, Head of Quality and Compliance at Mariposa, said, “The residents, families and staff got so much out of this work and it was a delight to see the reactions of the residents and their families throughout the presentation.”

Read more about the event here in our news page for this event.

Benefits for Participants

“I think everyone appreciated the poignancy of the work, the moving moments, both happy and sad, the laughs, songs and memories and the genuine bringing together of our residents, families and staff.” - Mary

LifeBooks provides a valuable legacy for participants and their families.

Opportunities to meet up, share experiences and memories with other people in similar situations, giving all involved support and encouragement.

Participants have learned how to digitally archive, use a wide range of apps and other transferable digital skills that will help them bridge the digital divide in their day to day lives.


The Enriching Later Life Fund, County Durham Community Foundation

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

Digital Voice offers this course for adult learners.

People with Dementia primarily. This can be also be facilitated in care homes and for older people’s groups in general.