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Save the World Young Facilitators

Saving the world and reducing the size of our carbon footprints.

I used to hate residentials – but after this I love them!

Who Took Part

The Tyneside-based Save the World project recruited a team of young people aged between 16 and 21 to help spread the word on how we can reduce the size of our carbon footprints.


The Save the World project was developed because increased knowledge and awareness of climate change did not seem to be leading to changes in behaviour by individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon footprints. Our aim was to help motivate people to want to make a difference and provide useful information to do that straight away.

Project Outline

Save the World resources being delivered in a wheelie binYou may have seen Save the World in action – our activities are delivered in special Wheelie Bins like this! The bins have visited youth groups, schools, and festivals around the North East over the last year.

We developed them after research into attitudes to climate change, as we were concerned that awareness was not leading to action.

And another key finding was that young people would welcome the chance for their learning sessions to be facilitated by peer educators. Learning sessions are being held with dozens of groups.

We seek funding so that this work can be offered free to groups. When no funding is available, a ratecard applies but we always try to help – if a group does not have funds we will seek to provide volunteers.

What Happened

  • The recruits attended an Eco-Residential weekend to meet one another and find out about the issues. They were provided with expert advice and training on all aspects of encouraging other people to take action to slow down global warming.
  • The availability of the sessions was advertised and dozens of groups of young people asked for the Wheelie Bins and Young facilitators to visit them.
  • The session activities are selected from 12 activities and there are also videos shot with local young people to find out more about reducing our waste and decisions on food.
  • A library of books and DVDs with more information is available to borrow.
  • The new recruits were supported by Mentors


The sessions have been delivered to more than thirty groups across the area. They included:

  • Guides and browniesSave the World logo
  • Scouts
  • Looked after young people
  • Refugees
  • Greener Xmas events
  • Gateshead Youth Council

Sharing The Results With Others

All participants received our Save the World newsletter with a summary of feedback.

Benefits For Participants

  • increased information about climate change
  • training in how to handle communications about climate change with other people including difficult questions, denial, what evidence to quote
  • training in activities which help people enjoy the thought of making change rather than fearing it
  • one-to-one mentoring to help with personal development
  • Clients and/or Funding

    Awards for All

    Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

    The Eco-Residential was extremely successful and would work well for all ages groups. The learning resources work well with all ages and abilities. They are very flexible so can fit sessions of different durations They can be hired for use by your own facilitators or we are happy to provide facilitators. .

    How To Find Out More

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