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Sparc media production teamworking course

A small group of young people make a film in five days

Who Took Part

Eight young people aged 15 -18 took part.


To use media to engage a group to grow their team-working skills and be rewarded by earning an accreditation.

Making a film in a production team is an excellent way to learn and use team-working skills.

Project Outline

This was an intensive five day course, ideal for holidays. Each day the groups’ skills were developed. They agreed their objectives for the film, and learned camera and sounds skills; producer skills such as storyboarding and scheduling; editing and graphics. They discussed the different production roles, decided who would do what, and were taken through the process of making a film so they were able to produce the film themselves with our support.

What Happened

The group decided to make a short documentary about what there is to do for free in the holidays. They also wanted to dispel the stereotypes of young people hanging round, doing nothing. They organised themselves to research the facilities on offer, phoned for permission to film, reckied venues, prepared interview questions then went out and filmed in two film crews and did a fantastic job. They chose two presenters from their group and wrote a script to bring the film together, each editing a section. Then some produced graphics while others chose music, wrote credits and perfected their piece in the final edit. By the end of Day 5 they had a fantastic film to screen to their guests.


A short documentary. Total duration: approx 10 minutes. Each young person was presented with a certificate and a copy of their DVD. Each will receive an accreditation in team-working which will improve their general employability.

Sharing the results with others

They are sharing their film with the local authorities in the area and the venues they filmed. They have uploaded to the web to give the information they collected to other young people about what they can do in our area.

Benefits for Participants

The group had the opportunity to think creatively as a team, coming up with a project which engaged them and helped to show that school can be a positive learning environment. They developed their media skills and came together at a celebration event to show their film to others and receive certificates of achievement.

Client and/or Funding

Gateshead Council’s Sparc Team; Raising Achievement Department.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

This course is available to adults and young people aged 15+.

How To Find Out More

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