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Traveller Families - Welcome to Multimedia

Pilot project to explore ways to use media to look at life and build skills

Who Took Part

Five Traveller families in Tyneside.


Seek advice and try out ways to make media equipment available for families to use for introductory projects.

Project Outline

A wide range of options were outlined through individual sessions delivered mainly as outreach, also with some sessions as personal learning in school time.

People chose which form of media equipment they would like to try out. We then identified together topics of interest to be the subject of our initial work.

What Happened

  • Two short videos were made - Saturday Job and Bernadette's First Communion.
  • Photo stories were created using laptops.
  • Digital photography took place across the summer, resulting in pictures for display as blow-ups or on laptop slideshows.


These introductory sessions and consultation showed an enthusiasm for a more developed project. Other families came forward asking if they could be involved, and the original families are keen to develop the skills.

Sharing The Results With Others

The results were shared at a screening event at Brandling School in Gateshead. All participants received certificates and copies of their work.

Benefits For Participants

  • awareness of a range of media options
  • introduction to the equipment used including a chance to try out and borrow equipment
  • introduction to software programmes on laptop allowing them to edit photos and video
  • increase in confidence in selecting stories likely to be of interest to others
  • Clients and/or Funding

    This Traveller pilot project was a partnership with EMTAS Gateshead Council and funded by two Trusts: Roy and Pixie Baker Charitable Trust and The WA Handley Charity Trust.

    Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

    This outreach approach works well for any groups or individuals who may have difficulty or concerns about getting to more centralised provision. This personal support demystifies IT equipment, showing how much fun it is to use and how exciting it is to capture scenes of importance in your own life.

    How To Find Out More

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