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Where Does The Angel Go?

Where does the Angel go when we’re not looking?

The organisation Digital Voice for Communities has worked on several projects in partnership with the Gateshead Arts Development Service of Gateshead Council and each one of them has yielded a successful, imaginative and valuable project.

Who Took Part

More than 50 young people across Gateshead, making up five diverse groups including people with various disabilities, cultures and backgrounds. The young people are from Allerdene Angels, Crossroads Young Carers, Whickham School media students and Gateshead Central Area Inclusive Youth Group.


To involve the local community in the Angel’s tenth anniversary celebrations in a creative way.

Project Outline

We suggested that animations and film answer the question: where does the Angel go when we’re not looking? This allowed much creative freedom for the young people to develop their own stories.

What Happened

  • The young people produced more than 50 imaginative story ideas. The most popular and visual were then turned into storyboards.
  • The young people made their own films using a range of animation techniques. Then they recorded the voiceovers.
  • The animations were linked by a dream-like sequence filmed on a visit to the Angel.
  • Selected stories were:

    • Angel Family Reunion - the Angel's mam visits from heaven - they go for a trip to the seaside, make “Angel shapes” in the sand and send a postcard to dad
    • Guardian Angel - red kites from the Derwent Valley call for the Angel to come to help them, as they battle to drive away a person stealing eggs
    • An Enchanted Evening - the Angel is drawn to Saltwell Park where he falls in love with a beautiful statue. The fairies are all around, making it a magical evening. But all too soon the sun begins to rise, and the Angel is back on its hill - lonely again.
    • Toon Angel - after discovering he's wearing the Shearer Shirt, the Angel heads for St James' Park. The team's one short - so he helps out and manages to score the winning goal!
    • Time for Bed - at last the Angel can rest its wings and lie down, under its duvet of soft green grass.

    Everyone who worked on the films attended a special preview screening at Gateshead Old Town Hall and received certificates


    Five animations and videos. Total duration: 7 minutes.

    Sharing The Results With Others

    Two previews screenings at Gateshead Old Town Hall, then main screening at day-long Festival by the Angel to mark the first decade since the work of art was put in place in Gateshead. VIP screening in Tyneside Cinema. Excerpt streamed on Gateshead Council website.

    Benefits for Participants

    The groups had the opportunity to think creatively as a team, coming up with more than 50 possible stories; developed their media skills and came together at a celebration event to receive certificates of achievement.

    Clients and/or Funding

    Gateshead Council Arts Department

    Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

    This is a great way to bring groups from different backgrounds together with a common goal. The sense of achievement was so apparent at the screening event.

    How To Find Out More

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