Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

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Young People’s digital project

Digital Voice awarded funding to offer positive activities for young people at Annfield Plain Youth Café.

Young people aged 10-15 took part in two projects: coding and filmmaking. Anti-Social Behaviour is a big issue in the area around Annfield Plain, so this group decided to focus on how that affects their community.


  • We received a grant to run free courses to raise awareness about Anti-Social Behaviour in a creative way.
  • Participants tried something new that interests them.
  • They were supported to run a Facebook campaign using the media they created to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Young women were particularly encouraged to try coding and the group was taken to meet women and men working in the industry at the Newcastle studio of international games designer Hedgehog Lab.

What Happened

  • We provided the filmmakers with workshops in multimedia skills, then they made short films about aspects of Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • They used iPads and computers and green screen technology.
  • They learned the skills to create digital content for their Facebook campaign.
  • The coders took part in training and were supported to design their own computer games.
  • They helped to organise an event and presented their games and films to the community.


The participants received certificates at the event and the community had the chance to play their games and watch their films, which were a hilarious take on the issue!

Benefits for Participants

Each group learned skills that enhance employability and they enjoyed achieving together. They had the chance to see people working in the industries they were interested in to give them inspiration to achieve further in future.


We are grateful to County Durham Community Foundation and the Police Commissioner’s Safety Fund.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

We can offer these and other creative digital course to learners across the North East.