Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

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Empowering individuals and groups to change, connect and enrich lives

Harness the power of digital to make life better. Share stories, have your say and grow skills. Award-winning specialist support from our dedicated team. Info on services here.

Hands-on projects with tablets, iPads, photography, video, animation, blogs, VJ skills, life skills and more. Fair access for groups often excluded from media and online participation.

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A list of our clients.
  • DigiTale

    Draw on the magic of digital media to tell your special tale your own special way.

    Participants are supported to make their own digital story using photos and a voice over. Every DigiTale is different - people choose what they want to express: who they are, what they have experienced, how they look at the world.

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  • iSkills

    Strengthen people and organisations – explore, enjoy and harness the powerful potential of digital media.

    Projects have digital creativity and skills building at their core.

    Media is a powerful way to engage people, especially those often excluded from involvement. Our projects demonstrate that media projects develop a wide range of skills.

    The focus in our iSkills projects is on the benefits for participants.

    • Proven to work well with all ages and abilities
    • We work closely with you to deliver your priorities
    • Shape the project around your time-scales and budget

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